This blog is following the creation of two giant paintings I am working on called Young Saints & Old Martyrs.
The paintings will face each other with the viewer in the middle. This activates the space between the paintings, giving it a third dimensional quality. The painting is commentary on the history of religious and theological thought, and how it affects the current generations.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I have one month left to finish this painting.  I am working on it on average ten to 12 hours a day and getting home at about .  I am wearing myself out.  Right now I am facing a dilemma.  I have been thinking about this painting for so long.  I feel like it is an important painting in my young career.  And I am rushing to complete it for this competition that started out as an excuse to paint it.  I don’t feel like the quality is suffering yet, but my health and well being is.  My mind has lost track of everything and anything except this painting.  I bought tickets to see one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, and I completely spaced going.  The only reason I am able to spend time on this blog now, is because I am on an airplane flying in from L.A.  I came out here for the launch of issue number 9 of BlueCanvas magazine which I am featured in, and almost spaced it too!

So the dilemma is: do I sacrifice my well being and possibly the quality of the work, or do I sacrifice the possibility of winning a whole load of cash?  I keep asking myself these things, but I know what the answer is.  I am going to push through and finish it.  After all, sleep and health are over-rated anyway.  And if I finish it by mid August, or slow down and finish it when I finish it, it will still equal the same amount of hours, just spread out over a longer period of time.  I can rest when I am done.      


  1. You're the coolest guy I know.

  2. You're the coolest guy I know.

  3. Paint it for the competition but not for the money. If you paint it for the money and don't win it will be the hugest let down. If you paint it for the competition because it's a great opportunity to showcase a milestone work, you will be happy. If the right people see it and take interest you will be extra happy. If you win something you will be super-extra happy. After all, how will an oil painting on canvas stand against all the flashy, crazy new art mediums? It will be the best painting(s) there. And making it into a 3D space is awesome.

    (written from my studio at 12:40 am)