This blog is following the creation of two giant paintings I am working on called Young Saints & Old Martyrs.
The paintings will face each other with the viewer in the middle. This activates the space between the paintings, giving it a third dimensional quality. The painting is commentary on the history of religious and theological thought, and how it affects the current generations.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Here is where I am with the Old Martyrs now.  I am going back over to the other wall to work on the Young Saints now.  I will go over the whole paainting again to tie up loose ends and to build up the paint.  After I finish that, I will come back to this one and do the same.  So... I am at the half way point right now, and am either two weeks behind, or one week ahead of scedule.  It's a paradox I know, but it makes sence to me and I don't think I will explain myself.

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