This blog is following the creation of two giant paintings I am working on called Young Saints & Old Martyrs.
The paintings will face each other with the viewer in the middle. This activates the space between the paintings, giving it a third dimensional quality. The painting is commentary on the history of religious and theological thought, and how it affects the current generations.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Would you believe it if I told you I stretched this sucker by myself!??  It was quite the ordeal.  I had to tie it off to my ceiling just to keep it from falling over.  It took three days and 4 buckets of gesso to cover it with 6 coats.  I ordered the stretcher bars from a company out of Canada that specializes in large canvases, eh.  They turned out to be super fantastic!  All the pieces break down to 6 foot lengths, which is important, since the only way this painting can come out of my studio is if I take it apart!  Thanks Canada!