This blog is following the creation of two giant paintings I am working on called Young Saints & Old Martyrs.
The paintings will face each other with the viewer in the middle. This activates the space between the paintings, giving it a third dimensional quality. The painting is commentary on the history of religious and theological thought, and how it affects the current generations.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I finished the paintings at 6am the morning of the 16th of August.  Back when I started in April, my goal was to finish by the 15th of August so the paintings would have enough time to dry before I had to take them off the stretcher bars and roll them up.  It took working 15 to 20 hours a day to reach the goal.  I am tired now and feel like I have aged 15 years.  But I am so happy with the paintings.  I haven't updated the blog on the progress too much on account that I was either asleep or painting over the last 4 months.  But I did take pics and I will start adding posts of the progress pics I took.  This next group of pictures were taken by my friend Cassidy Stanton.  See her facebook page here.  Thanks Cass!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Follow this link to see the Young Saints and Old Martyrs Documentary.

I must be the most un-important person that ever had a documentary made about them.  Hawk Zatar from Spiral of Life Studios came in to the studio a couple times a week to film the process and progress of the paintings.  He started filming from the day I hung the canvas' on the wall up until about the half way point.  It was nice having a weekly visitor at the studio.  After a few 16 hour days of painting by myself, the company was appriciated.  It kept me sane I think. 

It was interesting wathching a documentary about a painting I was still working on, and am still working on!  It made the concept fresh in my mind again and has been a great motivator to push to fininish the painting.  I have eight days to finish....